Hey, My name’s Eli! I live in Southeast Michigan, and I’m into graphic design, specifically for the web. I do print, but lately my focus has been designing Bootstrap-based responsive websites, specifically using Content Management Systems like WordPress, and eCommerce platforms like Magento. I’d love to work with you! I encourage you to take a look around and check me out. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line using this handy contact form. Hope to hear from you!

My Portfolio

Eden Foods

Eden Foods is a small, principled natural food company that has been in operation since the 1960s. Its website is currently in transition, from a design that has been in dire need of an update for some time now, to something more beautiful and modern. A good portion of the website has yet to be transitioned, but some parts, such as the “About Us” and “Recipes” sections have been moved over to a new, responsive Bootstrap-based layout.

Eden Store

Eden Foods has had an online store for many years; 2015 marked the transition from an old eCommerce platform to a newer one, namely Magento. I’m fortunate enough to have been able to help with the transition. Here, the homepage, a category page, and a product detail page can be seen.


MHVillage.com is America’s largest marketplace for buying, selling, and renting mobile and manufactured homes. In 2012 I was hired to help with a cosmetic redesign of the site (this was layout and UI design only; my role in this project did not include any front-end development).

Chris Zeichmann

These are a couple of freelance projects I’ve done for a repeat client who also happens to be a friend. The first is his Spider-Man Costume database (our mutual love of the character was something we bonded over early on), and the second is a homepage for his academic endeavors.

Avid Marketing

This company no longer exists as its proprietor decided to move back into working for larger employers, rather than being self-employed and running a company. As a result, these sites are now defunct, but I like them well enough to keep them in my portfolio.

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Avid Print documents:

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